Ways to Use Credit Cards to Help With Wedding Costs

According to recent surveys, individuals are now spending a lot less money on their weddings than they ever did before. Even with this more conscientious spending mentality, your dream ceremony can cost you a significant amount of money. The large number of expenses involved with a wedding makes it difficult to save up that money. This is especially true if you are hoping to wed in the near future. The most common tendency in these instances is to turn towards a card to help with the payments.

Now, most people have had a rather negative experience charging large expenses to their credit cards. Many individuals feel that paying for an important occasion such as a wedding is a surefire way to get into credit card debt. For the most part, they would be right. However, there are several ways that you can actually make credit cards work for you. At the very least, you will be able to pay off your charges without incurring a loss. At the most, you may even be able to save some money. Take a look at how to use your card without getting into debt:

Cash Back Cards

Cash back credit cards are exactly what they sound like. For every dollar you spend, you are actually receiving some of that money back. This is why it such a great option for using these cards to pay for your wedding. This way, you will actually be making some of that money back. Thus, you will not be spending as much on your wedding as you initially thought you would have to. Of course, there are a few stipulations involved with such cards. For instance, they can only be used in specific locations and stores. However, as long as you stick to these specified stores, you will be able to receive a portion of your money back. In fact, most credit card companies assure their customers at least a one percent cash back reward.

Zero Interest Cards

Typically, it is not only the charges to the credit card that can drown you, but also the attached interest rates. To make sure that you are not spending any more money than you need to, get a credit card with zero interest. This way, when you are paying the wedding charges off later, you will not have to part with any additional money. Zero interest cards are only for a limited time, however, so you will need to pay off the debt within that period of time. Calculate the costs and choose a credit card that allows you time to pay back the amount. If you have already charged your wedding costs onto your current card, you will be able to transfer the amount to a card that requires zero interest.

Receive Travel Rewards

Even as you are planning and paying for your wedding, you also need to make arrangements for your honeymoon. Depending on where you want to go, you may be looking at some considerable expenses here as well. All you have to do, in this case, is to pay for your honeymoon with your wedding. You can do this by getting a card that offers you travel rewards. Therefore, for each dollar you spend on your wedding with your credit card, you will be awarded a certain number of points. This can be translated into free airplane tickets or even hotel stays. When opting for a travel rewards credit card, make sure that there are no restrictive conditions attached.

These are a few ways to use cards to your own advantage. Remember that while these are helpful tips, you are still going to have to pay off your monthly bill in a timely fashion. This is the only real way to make sure that you avoid accruing debts.

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